Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Persian Rug Embargo Won't Raise Our Prices

Persian Rug Embargo Won't Raise Our Prices
On September 29, 2010, the United States government placed an embargo on all products imported from Iran.  A US/Iran embargo happened once in the past and lasted for thirteen years, although that embargo had an exception for Persian rugs. This time, Persian rugs will also be included among banned products.  All Iranian made Persian rugs that were imported prior to September 29, 2010, are completely legal and available for sale.  This means that these beautiful rugs will not disappear from the market, as many retailers have a bountiful supply of rugs in their inventory.  It also means, however, that these retailers will be in sudden control of the market for Persian rugs, and they can raise the prices as high as they see fit.
As the embargo remains in effect and the supplies start to run out, you will see a slow rise in the prices of Persian rugs. Not only will it be become harder and harder to find reasonably priced Persian rugs, but it will be nearly impossible with the high-end rugs. That is, unless you know where to look. UrbanRugs.com has maintained the largest selection of fine Persian rugs from Iran, such as Pure Silk Qums, Gonbad Design Tabriz Rugs, Mahi Rugs, and Silk Esfahans. Well-made rugs were a valuable commodity even in times before the embargo, and now they are even more precious.
These issues of quality and supply won't affect our rugs.  Because we stocked up before the embargo was set in place, our inventory is virtually limitless.  We have a large supply of Persian favorites, and the best thing is that we won't gouge you with inflated prices. Our prices will remain the same throughout the embargo, be it on Tabriz, Nain, Quom, Mashad, or Isfahan rugs. If you want a reputable source for fine Persian rugs, look to us through these times of political strife.
We have a wonderful selection of Gonbad rugs, known for their dome-like centerpieces that grow out into an elaborate pattern of intricate designs. These very colorful Gonbad rugs are inspired by the tiled ceiling of a traditional mosque. A little less colorful, but equally as intricately designed as the Gonbads, are Mahi rugs.  A wide collection of styles and varieties of Mahi rug, as well as Silks rugs, are available at a steady price when you shop with us.